We offer cutting-edge solutions from industrial engineering and data processing to scientific research. Our solutions are ideal for clients in the manufacturing of electronics, sensors, communications systems, and industrial equipment.

Energy management

Our clients can benefit from our products, development resources and technical support to create effective energy management solutions, such as Battery and Fault Management Systems.

These solutions help them monitor and better control their energy usage and manage valuable resources.


INTERA is a company that aims to create a range of healthcare solutions using cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

These solutions can have different healthcare uses, such as delivering precise doses of medicine over a long period of time. Microchips Biotech is a partner of INTERA that makes electronic devices with microchip arrays that can store hundreds of doses of drugs and release them at the right time.

Industry and manufacturing

INTERA’s solution technologies hold significant promise for Industry 4.0, offering companies the ability to enhance their operational efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate the overall quality of their products.

By leveraging INTERA, businesses can tap into advanced capabilities that drive performance improvements across a wide range of applications within the industrial landscape.

Supply chain

INTERA’s AI accelerators are specifically designed to help clients bring high-end AI products to the market.

Our accelerators can boost deep learning applications on the edge with their unprecedented AI capacity, providing a competitive edge in the AI market. This specialization will be appealing to businesses looking to leverage cutting-edge technology for their products and services.

ioLocate is the monitoring solution to track the location of assets and changes in their environment

Smart Home and Smart Building

The integration of INTERA’s AI technology within smart home and building systems will undoubtedly revolutionize the way people interact with the living spaces, offering increased convenience, efficiency, and personalization.

By leveraging INTERA’s AI capabilities to analyze user behavior and preferences, smart systems can autonomously optimize various elements to create a more comfortable and secure environment, ultimately transforming the concept of smart living.

enControl is the Smart home solution that provides comfort, security and control

Security and access control

We design SoCs and FPGAs that can handle complex computing tasks at the edge with low power consumption.

Our solutions use 40-50% less total power and 5-10 times less static power than other mid-range options. These are suitable for edge devices that need high performance in small and challenging environments. We provide ML IP and tools to speed up the development of Smart Embedded applications for various markets, such as industrial, medical, broadcast, automotive, aerospace and defense.