INTERA wants to be the leading provider of secure embedded solutions across diverse industries. We specialize in AI accelerators for enhanced chip performance, and customized hardware and software development with the purpose to UNLOCK INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS in high-tech

We aim to be a top provider of secure embedded solutions across various industries, offering benefits like low-risk product development, cost savings, and faster time to market.

By targeting diverse applications within Security and access control, Smart Home and Building, Industry and manufacturing, Health, Supply Chain and Battery Management among others, we are positioning our company to have a broad impact and cater to a wide range of needs within the tech sector.

Our accelerators can significantly enhance the performance and capabilities of edge products by enabling them to process complex AI algorithms efficiently and quickly.

This can lead to improved functionality, faster response times, and more sophisticated features, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience and the competitiveness of the product in the market.

We specialized in developing hardware accelerators for AI inference workloads, enabling highly efficient and optimized processing while minimizing energy consumption.

By automating tasks, enhancing predictive maintenance, and enabling advanced analytics, AI inference optimizes processes, reduces errors, and improves resource allocation.

INTERA creates robust embedded software and applications, turning hardware into advanced devices fully customized for their unique functions.

Our engineers design, implement and validate the most advanced embedded systems adhering to the highest quality and security standards. We control the entire cycle of embedded software and hardware development, from requirements gathering, through design and execution, to the maintenance and technical support phase.

Hardware development

We have a comprehensive suite of services that are essential for clients looking to develop embedded systems from start to finish.

The inclusion of hardware design, prototyping, and batch production shows our commitment to providing a one-stop solution for all their development needs. This integrated approach can help streamline the process, reduce time to market, and ensure consistency throughout the project lifecycle.

Our hardware design engineers can address a range of hardware needs, from electronic hardware and PCBs to FPGA and SoC design services. The fact that we support clients through the entire process, from conceptualization to mass production, offers a comprehensive and valuable service for those looking to bring electronic devices to market.

FPGA, SoC and embedded systems design

Our FPGA and SoC design engineers consider a wide range of technical specifications when creating specific field-programmable logic devices.

This attention to detail ensures that our schematic design solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients who design non-standard electronic products and require the flexibility to configure their chips post-manufacturing.

Our comprehensive approach to FPGA programming services is certain to provide valuable and customized solutions for our clients.

Embedded AI and ML

Our embedded AI and ML development services focus on strong technical expertise and quality control processes

This combination of technical and human skills is crucial for delivering reliable and high-quality solutions to clients.

ON-Chip development

Our experience integrating ON-CHIP AI technology on the hardware offers a significant advancement aimed at boosting overall performance of the chip by optimizing workload mapping of AI algorithms.

We use ON-CHIP AI to enable efficient chips that target the decreased latency needed for critical applications, and the lowest power consumption, as a crucial aspect of remote edge applications.

Software development

INTERA’s specialized expertise in creating customized embedded software and applications sets us apart in the industry.

With a rigorous focus on quality and security standards, our team of engineers ensures the development of advanced embedded systems tailored to specific functions. By managing the entire software development cycle, from inception to maintenance, INTERA provides comprehensive technical support and innovative solutions for transforming hardware into high-performance devices.

Algorithm design and testing

INTERA uses ML as an alternative to traditional physics computations; our embedded applications target improving hardware performance, dramatically shortening the time required for highly complex problem solution.

Our algorithms can measure complex signals, filter unnecessary data, and noise, and analyze the input aiming to provide an accurate representation to our customers. Our solutions are distinctive for accuracy and speed.


Whether you are looking to launch new embedded technologies or modernize your existing systems, INTERA’s leading R&D services can help you explore new opportunities and identify potential areas of growth.

We use our extensive knowledge of the embedded solutions market to conceptualize and build technological improvements tailored to your business needs. Partnership with INTERA will allow you to accelerate innovation within your organization and gain a strong competitive advantage.