We are driven by the vision of improving the innovation process

INTERA aspires to position itself as a differentiated brand in the development of technological solutions that optimize the capture, processing, and reporting of data.


Transformative capabilities

Ultimately, our AI technology allows for transformative capabilities that can revolutionize the way things work and interact with the world around people.



INTERA collaborates with its customers to optimize their workflows, reduce their expenses, and accelerate their outcomes, while increasing the quality of their offerings and services.


Tailor-made solutions

At INTERA, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver tailor-made and top-notch solutions for customer’s unique requirements. We leverage our industry experience to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

INTERA was born from the merger of Sensing & Control and NVISION, two companies with a large background in the development and operation of innovative products, services, and solutions in the areas of IoT, automation, artificial intelligence, and data management.

Our team is dedicated to improve innovation and committed to provide top-notch solutions that sets us apart in the industry. Our focus on being faster, smarter, and more creative demonstrates a strong drive for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Pillars of our innovation


Look for ideas everywhere

Encouraging collaboration and input from various stakeholders is our unique approach to fostering innovation and inclusivity within our organization.

By empowering others and leveraging collective intelligence to make informed decisions we value the perspectives of all individuals involved, we leverage diverse insights and expertise to drive meaningful change and establish a culture of collective ownership and leadership.

Spark with creativity, fuel with innovation

We see the combination of creativity and innovation as the powerful force that drives progress and change.

Creativity allows us to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas, while innovation helps us bring those ideas to life and make a real impact. Together, they have the potential to transform industries, solve complex problems, and ultimately improve the world around us.


Passion is the powerful force that drives our innovation as it fuels our creativity, determination, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles.

By approaching challenges with enthusiasm and dedication, our team pushes the boundaries, think outside the box, and ultimately develop groundbreaking solutions that make a positive impact.

Latest News

INTERA at Barcelona IoT Congress

From the 21st to the 23rd of May, INTERA will be present at the Gran Via, Hall 1, Level 0, Street D, Stand 71

INTERA partners with AtomSemi

AtomSemi and INTERA signed a collaboration agreement for developing AI solutions for the lighting management market

S&C and NVISION join forces

S&C and NVISION join forces to bring advanced integrated solutions for the microchip industry, including embedded AI, edge computing, hardware, and software development, an R&D.